Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pat's painting unveiled!!!

Wooowww!! - I gasped in admiration when I opened Pat's journal. - And in a few months, I'm going to have Pat's paintings in my book!!. I feel so lucky!!

The whole painting is a beautiful piece of work!!! I couldn't help taking some photos to post them to all of you. Aren't they gorgeous?.

Thank you very much for your present, Pat! I know you are pretty busy and I really appreciate it. It is a lovely gift.

An now it's my turn. What a difficult task!! I hope I meet your expectations.

Enjoy Pat's painting and have a nice weekend !!


  1. Pat, it is wonderful. I love it! The colours are so fresh and beautiful. Congratulations.

  2. Thanks you guys. I haven't received yours yet Kim. Can't wait.

  3. ooooh looks fantastic! good enough to frame.
    Can't wait to recieve yours Pat.