Monday, November 30, 2009

Introducing..... Iris :)

Here at last are the lovely pictures from Gemma's Moley. It's named Iris and was an absolute joy to open and explore.

A delicate fusion of beautiful pictures and words.

I have sooo enjoyed my visit, wandering through Gemma's ideal home.

I hope I can do justice to this beautiful moleskin :) It's sooo lovely, Gemma :)


  1. Gemma your book is wonderful and beautifully done with so much feeling and creativity. I love your poem and the writing and it makes me want to go put a kettle of water on.

  2. Gemma, you are so creative. Your home looks very cosy and welcome. Love your painting and poem :-)

  3. By mistake, I was the first in receiving Gemma's book, Iris. It is so beautiful and so well done. I love it. Congratulations Gemma, it is a treasure.

  4. Sorry, the previous post was posted by me but it appeared with my husband name.

  5. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments!
    I really cant wait to see what you all do :)