Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My book

Finally I mailed my book to Gemma today. I hope it arrive safely and fast. Here you have a bad picture of a part, it was very dark when I took the photo.


  1. Well done, Dolors! You finally managed to post your message and a sneaky peak of your painting.

    It looks great! The girl looks very happy. Who is she holding hands with??... I'm afraid I'll have to wait to get the answer :-(

    To be continued....

  2. I think this is wonderful. I can't wait to see it and have it in my hands. You really got the paint to work. Great job!

  3. oooh this looks lovely, i cant wait to see the whole thing yay! hurry up postman.
    i wish i was the girl by the sea right now instead of being stuck in an office :( xxxx

  4. I love the happy feel of this painting, it's beautiful.
    I'm so looking forwards to seeing everyone's moleskin.

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