Monday, November 2, 2009

Just in time!

I thought I wouldn't make it! First, the lack of time and then panicking in front of the blank paper. Stop the train I want to get off!!

I feel soooo relieved, Pat!

I painted an olive grove because I love olive trees, so my topic could be 'nature' or 'landscapes'.
Anyway, if you don't feel comfortable with the topic, paint whatever makes you feel at ease.

Now I have to meet Dolors. She lives 100 kms from my place but we are in touch.

Have a nice week !


  1. OH, beautiful, I wish it were coming to my house first but I will have to wait cause I get your book last. But then I will be able to see it with everyones paintings in it.

  2. This is lovely Dolors, despite the paper!!!

  3. Thank you Pat. We'll get everybody's book sooner or later. Isn't it exciting?

    Hi Yarrow. Thank you for kind comment. Yes, you are completely right. You have to get used to this paper. Cheers.