Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dolors beautiful Moly

Hi everyone so sorry for the late posting of these pictures, i eventually smacked my scanner into order (after punching it ha ha )
Any way it's working well now after it's little beating. So here is Dolors beautiful Moly.......

Wow look at this beautiful sketchbook, the long stretch of beach, the happy smiling faces, i just want to jump straight into it and spend my afternoon soaking up the sun and laughing with these happy people.

Soaring high above the pretty little yachts reflecting in the rippling waves.
Listening to the gulls crying.

And watching smiling happy children running on the beach. I love the way Dolors has captured the entire feeling of the beach, it's sounds and sights captured forever on her pages. I love this girls cute little dress and the underside of her foot and the way the light has hit her leg causing shadow on oneside.
Oh how i love the sea i can't wait to add to what is already a lovely journal.
*Just trying to rack my brains now for something that compliments Dolors magical paintwork* i have a feeling this will take a while :)
I hope everyone is ok?


  1. Woooww Dolors! This is what I need right now! Relaxing on the beach at the end of the day. Gazing at the sea and listening to the wailing seagulls flying away in the distance. This painting is so full of tenderness and sensibility!
    Beautifully painted!

  2. Dolors, your painting is beautifully full of the sights and sounds of a very sensual day at the beach. I could plop right down in your painting and live there forever.

  3. Thank you Gemma, Anna and Pat for your kind words.
    In fact, Gemma's photos are so good that the painting seems better here. Anyway, I'm very glad you liked it.