Monday, March 1, 2010

Continuing with the good old apologies!

Hey guys
Im adding to the sorry book in that i still have Pats journal, i finished it lastnight but 4got it today so i cant send it!!! durrr ha ha but at least this should give me time to take some photo's and show you guys how its all looking.
Pat your journal looks amazing you will be so happy. But meanwhile i've recieved Kims also ahhhhhh the last leg of the journey, so far this journal is gobsmackingly beautiful! i hope my picture (whatever i choose to do) does it justice. I promise i will try to take photo's tonight and upload them.
I hope you are all well? im so sad this is nearly over, i really hope we can continue with some thing else i really dont want our correspondence to end :)
Big hugs guys

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