Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Anna's Book Kim's Art Work

I have received Anna’s book and I opened it with excitement. This book is beautiful. The collection of work is consistently wonderful throughout. I am the last one to paint in this Moly and then it get's sent on the Anna to keep forever. Here is the comp photo of Kim's art work:

I also photographed each set of the 2 fold pages so you could see them better.
Aren't the bunnies cute? I would much rather have bunnies then squirrels. The squirrels that run around across the street from my house just tease Ivy and the other dogs.
Look at this stream just inviting me to sit and sketch awhile.
Ok now it is my turn to paint the last entree. I will post again before I give it to the postman.


  1. What a beautiful scene! very good drawing.

  2. I'm so excited about it and so ashamed because I haven't said anything until now. Kim, this is wonderful. Thank you very much for your beautiful landscape and the cute bunnies.Thanks to all of you.