Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sorry guys!

Anna's moleskin is nearly done and I'm sorry that I'm behind with the swap! Work has swamped me and I've not had a huge amount of time to post or talk of updates. I'll have some pictures for you tomorrow, after the camera has charged! Then the moley will be flying off across the ocean for the next stage of it's journey.


  1. Hi Kim, you are not behind. I think we are all doing really well under the circumstances. I think if you are done with Anna’s then mine is next. Can’t wait, can’t wait. I want to be finished and I don’t want it to end. Can’t wait to see the sneak peak!!!!

  2. hey kim please dont worry i currently have Pats Journal and ive just recieved yours! Luckily ive Just finished Pats but i havent uploaded any photo's yet of either! god how behind am i!!!
    Please don't panic im behind too.
    Sending calm huggles xxx