Sunday, March 7, 2010

Anna's moley.

Firstly, I need to appologise as I've had Anna's moley for soooo long and not shared any pictures with you, but finally, here they are.

Gemma's beautiful words and colourful pictures.

A beautiful place that I know very well.

Gorgeous colours and details.

My photos really don't do it justice.

A little peek at my picture. The moley is winging it's way across the ocean even as I type.


  1. Oh look, Anna, there are little bunnies in your moley. That means it is comming my way. OH no! this is the last book for me to paint in. So Sad! But the happy part is then I get to see mine.

  2. Pat, there are times when I think I must live in the bunny capital of the World! We are swamped by them and I've occassionaly seen Merlin chasing them out of his field :)