Monday, October 12, 2009

update on moly progress.....

Hi everyone i thought i'd give you all sneak peek at one of the pages on progress in my moly journal......

I guess you'll just have to wait and see the rest when it arrives at your doors.

How's everyone else's going?





  1. Hi Gem, Thanks for the peek. I like it. I have decided to complete mine this week. I hope..... But seeing yours made me smile. Anna said she is going to a work shop soon. How about Kim and Dolors? How you guys doing?

  2. This is sooo cool Gem, I love your style.

    Pat, mine is creeping along, but once I get going there's no stopping me :)

  3. I am here, still thinking. I will start mine this weekend. I will draw/paint about the sea. I love to walk near the sea and seat on the rocks looking at the water, just looking at the waves..., I hope to post something next week.