Monday, October 5, 2009

In the begining...

Hello to you all,
Well this is hard i must admit starting off your journal with a topic that ou hope everyone will enjoy and be able to submit to so i sat and thought, i twiddled my thumbs and the i thought some more and some more when.........Ting! an i dea popped into my head, an idea that everyone will be able to submit and become involved in because it relates to everyone it is
(what home means to you, your idea of home and what things remind you of home)
It diesnt have to be a house or in the same country as you or even your own home its just hat ever gives you hope and brings you comfort your home for your body and mind.
Ahhhh im so relieved i have come up with an idea i just now need to get down and dirty and begin creating my pages ready to send on.
Hope evryone is good?
sending love n hugs to you all


  1. That's a lovely subject, Gem. I've rubbed my sketches out today and started again!!! Why is this so hard?

  2. Gem, that's a wonderful theme. I am so happy to see that you are on your way to starting your journal.

  3. Great subject Gem. I also have the same question, why it is so hard? I'm thinking about my subject but haven't decided yet. Hugs.