Tuesday, May 25, 2010

At last!

Here at last are all the lovely pictures in my moley. I'm so happy with it and I've had a lovely time sitting here and losing myself in the beautiful worlds that you've all created for me.

Firstly, my montage of fairy scenes.

Pat's wonderfully exciting and beautiful landscape. I would so love to visit here and lose myself in a story :)

Anna's delicate flowers, I can almost smell their perfume.

Dolors haunting pictures, intrigue and beauty in a fairytale.

Finally, Gemmas exotic mermaid. The colours are sumptious and my photo does them no justice.

Finally, a brief glimpse of Pat's finished moley. It's been finished for two weeks now, but I'm still not entirely happy with it. I can't keep it though, as I'm sure you're desperate for it Pat!

Thank you everyone for sharing this wonderful experience with me. I've totally enjoyed it, despite being pushed entirely outside my comfort zone. Hugs to you all.x


  1. What a fascinating moly!. Thank you very much for sharing the project. Hugsxx

  2. Your book is lovely. What a triumph to have such a treasure in your library. Your comfort zone is a wonderful place to be because your creations have been so exceptional. I know I got to see everyone of your beautiful works of art as they came to me next before sending them on to Anna. I can’t wait to see my book. I am so excited….so excited!!!

  3. It is wonderful! The works are great!