Monday, June 7, 2010

And so it has to end....

So sorry for the delayed post but it seems my moly was stopped by customs and opened. I finally recieved it on Friday when i missed the signed for delivery and my dad had to go and collect it from the post office for me before i finished work. I had been having an awful day, i felt really ill and just wanted to cry so when i returned home to find this lovely little envelope on the work top my heart skipped a beat! my Moly at last after nearly a year travelling....

who wouldhave thought such a little black book could have travelled so far and could contain such prettiness...

It really is a feast for the eyes, you ladies have made me so happy i nearly cried when i was flicking through all the gorgeous beautiful images that are now all mine i cant quiet believe it!

First we had my paintings which i showed you before, then we have Kims wonderfully romantic drawings of her idyllic paddock and cozy house...

Her warm fire and sweet little cats. I want to live in your home too Kim!

Then i turned to Pats spread and nearly cried again! This little teddy i made for her from my Favourite Jeans. We did a Christmas swap together and the teddy was the main part, i made a matching one which was a boy and i have him at home on my windowsill. To see her there looking at such a pretty view made me so happy to be friends with such a wonderful group of people!

This was the end of Pats garden merging into Anna's beach in Spain and what a breathtaking beach it is. Sun sand and sea what more could a girl ask for??!

Well maybe a beautiful castle to stare at? Oh how pretty is this beach? Thanks Anna

Then i stumbled upon Dolors magical house. Her scrummy drawings of her kitchen and little handwritten recipe to make those mouthwatering muffins you can see on the right (i am definately going to give those a try!)

 Then i found her lovely smiley tree in the garden, it was such a pretty picture it really made me happy.
All of your artwork is amazing girlies thankyou so much for giving me such a valuable and beautiful journal.......and look here what i found in my back pocket of the moly...

Lots of little treasures.
I cannot thank you all enough and i am so sad this is finally at an end i have really enjoyed every second of our adventure together. I am hoping that maybe we can get together again and do another one or something similar? what do you think? i hope you agree as i would hate to loose contact with you are all special.
Big Big hugs from Kent


  1. Hi Gem,
    WOW!! THIS IS AMAZING!!! I love your book. It just makes me want mine now.

    Kiiiiimmmmm? Are you ready yet?

  2. Thank you Gemma! I'm so glad I took part in this adventure! Thank you for your wonderful post.
    Big hugs! Anna xx

  3. Gemma, I'm sorry that they opened the envelope in the customs, I'm sure they were surprised when they saw the book.
    Thank you for your big presentation, your moleskine is wonderful and I am so proud I am part of it. I am very glad you liked my home description and my little squirrel.
    I agree, we can't loose contact. Perhaps we can prepare "something" for Christmas. Hugs!

  4. wonderful idea, TY for dropping by and leaving such nice comments, Linda:)

  5. これは非常に魅力的な作品ですが、我々は将来のサブスクリプションに見える

  6. Oh my gosh this is such a divine idea! It is stunning what an absoloute treasure, WOW!
    Thanks you so much for your sweet message,

    Love Sarah x